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Question 1 - Call for Input - National Volunteering Strategy

Question # 1 – Definition of Volunteering

Should we adopt the White Paper definition or the European Union definition of volunteering? Is there a more appropriate definition which could be considered for the purpose of the strategy?

The white paper in question can be accessed HERE. In it:

Volunteering is defined as all forms of voluntary activity, whether formal or informal.Volunteers act under their own free will, according to their own choices and motivations and do not seek financial gain. 

It goes on to add

Volunteering is a journey of solidarity and a way for individuals and associations to identify and address human, social or environmental needs and concerns. Volunteering is often carried out in support of a non-profit organisation or community-based initiative.

What’s been asked is does the above definition represent you as a volunteer or volunteer involving organisation (VIO). Are there strands to volunteering in Ireland that this definition does not capture. Think of good volunteers of VIO’s are they doing something different that needs to be taken into consideration with respect to the definition of volunteering in our National Volunteering Strategy.

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